The Polyester of the Mind

Would it be worse to be what you actually are, or what you pretend you are? No, wait…Would it be worse to be what you actually are, OR what you FEAR you are?



the polyester
of the mind.



When the people, you know, the “People” back in the City, when the people say that something is “impossible,” are they saying they lack the needed “means,” or the necessary ”resolve’?  (Sounds like a pretty weighty question, eh what, unless I further note that out-in-the-bushes it don’t make a damn bit of difference.)



In the City, in the City; oh what a pity to live in the City…Pardon me, carried away again…what I was GOING to say was, in the City I’ve heard men ask themselves this questions:  “Is jealousy a form of love, or self-love?”  And I wonder why they just don’t get on with it and ask themselves whether LOVE is a form of love, or just self-love.



Ohhhh, I gotta tell you about this one: There was this one little town so backward, and so unaggressive, that their strongest curse was, “May your grandfather take a nap.”



And pleased may you be to remember: A Revolutionist is just like everyone else only a whole lot more so.