3D Trivia

You wanna hear some more how things work in the City?  Well, one place was having a devil of a time with kids spray painting cartoons and slogans on their public transportation vehicles, and the City finally offered a prize to anyone who could solve the problem “permanently.”  And although City leaders failed to notice it, a pleasant enough chap with fairly average size feet, submitted a true winner.  He suggested that they paint all the trains and buses graffiti colored.  (Such “de-cosmo” ideas themselves, of course, of course, end up writ in invisible ink.)



It is well to remember that in the City, as in parts of “real life,” the dead are a dead give-away.



And while everyone else was either fleeing in panic, or dropping dead like door nails, the Revolutionist’s old grandfather just stood by and said, “A shame, it’s a damn shame.”



In times of apparent peace, the People will inherently, genetically, feel themselves to either be at war with the Ruling Powers, or with themselves.



Three-Dee Trivia Question #12:

What is the absolutely, easiest thing in the world to know, (all together now), “How others should behave.”  Great! Give your selves a hand…No, I DON’T mean applause.