Mind within Mind: Holiday Edition

A man who'd had his eyes begin to open wider thought: "It's easier to find fault with life when you can narrow down your criticism to one specific area. Too late for me, though, since 'easier' has become synonymous with 'possible' in this regard." (And as he walked away a joyful bounce was detectable in his step.)





There was once a race of cows whose curse was to believe that anything was possible…anything, that is, but an improvement in their individual bovine-ness.




Another way of looking at it (if you like):

There is a mind within the mind --
consciousness within consciousness --
all in the potential.




When this one man began to see what was going on, he at first thought: "There must be some kind of 'misunderstanding' here." Then thought: "No, it must be some sort of 'joke.'" Then later, began to think: "No, it must be that I'm not seeing it  correctly." Then finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing to be said about it.



Many men enjoy actual warfare and combat, in that it forces them to be alert.