Your Feelings Toward Feelings

Perhaps, surely, hopefully even, we can once again “set to rest,” permanently “put aside,” give the “final statement” already, in the updating of that hoary ole, yellow-fuzzy chestnut regarding the assumed self-proof of “Man’s existence,” and firmly, although, strongly declare, “I am, therefore I am!”  Case closed, thank you so much.



The unrecognized trouble with trying to “learn from history,” is that it’s always someone else’s history.



There IS one possession that encompasses all beauty, and usefulness; the sole possession everyone wants and needs; the possession that would make everyone happy.  There is, of course, one small problem in obtaining this possession…



Here’s another one on which I refuse to comment, (I just report ‘em ma’am).  I heard an hombre conclude a discussion by soundly insisting that, “What we need today is a good neural prophylactic.”



Your feelings toward what-you-feel, is the glue binding your energy to your mass.