Worth Doing Wednesday

Expansion in motion is in having Man continually mis-identify the foe; as in mistaking genetic balls for cultural serves.



Those outside a particular dance can never understand or appreciate the intricate, subtle steps involved between the partners.  The Peoples of one State are astounded and filled with wonder at how their neighbors tolerate their unruly monarch.  (I know you say you want to understand the exotic and the unexplored, but few are the reptilian anthropologists who actually participate in the Exchange Student program with the snakes.)



There are some things worth doing that are not worth setting out to do.



Wearing the garb of a “wise one,” an ole feller strode up to the edge of the village and loudly proclaimed, “I do not expect to come here and be able to sell you a parcel of warts and boils,” and subsequent events proved him correct.



There was a certain City Doctor of Melancholy, I mean, Philosophy, who conjectured that, “If one becomes TOO boring, one could cause it in others.”  Heavens!