The Silly

I once heard it said about one chap, that although he “attempted” to traffic in intellectual goods, he ended up dealing in remnants.



It is still claimed that one of Buddha’s great granddaughters, (you know, the little chubby one over in Westport), attempted to produce her own “magnum opus,” but never got any further than the title, “Deception:  The Supreme Tool Of Enlightenment.”  (But, what-the-hey – let’s hear it for the title anyway.)



Why is it, hmmm, that City folks seem only interested in the matter, as they phrase it, of “the effect of consciousness on our perception of reality.”  Why not as promising an inquiry the other way around?



Okay, okay, my latest City vignette:

As I was passing by a rather grimy establishment with a sign saying, “Free Transmission Inspections,” I heard a voice arise from underneath a parked car stating, “Yep, you got one.”



In being able to see routine Life as a kind of satire, the Revolutionist recognizes that the silly is silly, and the serious as well.  What greater truth could you want?