Everything in the City is just a prelude for what’s coming up.



Everything you want in the City is just a substitute for what you’re actually going to get.



If both parties are wont to blame each other for all annoyances and disappointments, then what you might call a “relationshi,p” would be better named a mad, four legged dance attempted at two different tempos with four ears picking up two separate songs.  A ridiculous tango done in a life boat from the Titanic.



I started to offer you this little four word maxim: “Real Revolutions are untidy,” but actually, compared to ordinary City life, these uprisings are downright neat and exact.  (In the same way a forest fire is symmetrical and systematic.)



This could sound a bit “off-putting,” but I know you can see measurements beyond the outlines of words, so here ‘tis:  Under most ordinary conditions, those who passionately struggle against the tyrannical and the cruel become themselves cruel and tyrannical.  You do see, or suspect, the right angle view of this?