Cheap Shoes

Proper plans and suitable munitions are part of the necessities for a Revolution, and which, fortunately, an alert Enlistee can obtain.  The remaining necessity is, unfortunately, ability.



If all of humanity were brought together and placed in a choir loft and directed to all sing out all at once, and all together, what would come forth would be the “answer.”  Your problem would be in knowing which song, that is, question, to ask for.



I guess one description of a “civilized Man,” at least in City terms, would be: One who can forgive those who help him.



In all ordinary Cities, a fresh, astounding mind is like a “second government,” and cannot be long tolerated by the Ruling Powers.



If you still insist on looking at life as some kind of struggle, or contest, at least note this: Life is the only winner.



If you wear cheap shoes, don’t ever look down.