Christmas Decorations You Can Make

You know that little bookshop in the City I’ve mentioned before, well, something just seems to keep drawing me back, at least to their window displays, and the last time I was by there, they had a list posted out front giving the titles of recent new releases.  Are you ready?  Can we bear it again?  Okay, here’s a few of the ones I can recall:

“The Causes and Prevention of Dermatitis and Popular Music,”

“Social Progress and Personal Development Through Dread,”

“The Emergence Of Modern Retrieval Systems and The Shoddy Treatment of Poets,”

“Recent Developments In Multi-port Fuel Injection and Family Planning,”

“The Treatment and Cure of Modern Italian Literature,”

“Early Postcranial Arthritic Posture and Christmas Decorations You Can Make,”

“Gender Disorientation and The Care Of Your Newt,”

“The ABC’S of Stress and the XYZ’s of Ulcers,”

“The Travels, Letters and Opinions of Sir Douglas Clark and Some Other Guy,”

“Commercial Treaties, Reciprocity and Mating Patterns of Rock Drummers and Rottweilers,”

And lastly; “The Human Brain – BIG DEAL!” 

(There were more, but I’ll pretend that’s all I can remember.)