Common Interests

Rarely do you find the interests common to ordinary minds

to be of much interest or value to those more conscious.

For, unlike the ordinary, once their basic physical needs are met,

their interests turn in directions far removed from older, survival ones

to younger, not-so-specific, more-difficult-to-describe ones

in the futuristic area of consciousness.







     To accept the fact that you have specific, identifiable, "psychological problems," which are unique to you individually, is to have the to have them for the rest of your days. (All kingdoms divided are in pain.)







One mind once wondered, "Why do so many people want to know if a more conscious man could ever do anything evil or injurious to others?" ...(A question [I might suggest to you] that is pregnant with many useful possibilities far beyond the immediately apparent.)







There were once two mighty, adjacent kingdoms, a situation which to routine observers always implies necessary conflict--and if not now, forever impending. The reason that a more conscious mind can live in peace is because it lives only with itself.