Talk about your wasted efforts, in this case, even by City standards…  It’s like this, there was a guy who spent years asking people if they “knew what they were doing,” and then realized it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference.  I guess the least we could do in recognition of this somewhat inverted achievement is propose a Law drawn there from, and it goes like this:  “It doesn’t matter whether you know what you’re doing or not.”  So there.



When you hear it said of an ordinary person that they had, “certain personal experiences, the scars of which they still carry,” you can fairly assume that that’s about all they DO carry.



Heard of a man who was such a disciplinarian, that whenever his son was naughty, he forbade him to dream that night.



In the City, knowledge can apparently be vain about what it knows, so out in the Bushe,s I try and speak of perception and awareness to infer a counterpoint to City knowledge, one which harbors no unseemly pride in mere possession.



If you describe a person by what they wear, or how they look, you don’t really KNOW the person all that well, do you?