Down, Spot!

Don’t let the epigrammatic couplets of your childhood misfortunes become the epic novel of your whole life.  “No, that’s enough, down, Spot, down boy, don’t keep jumping up getting those muddy problem prints all over my one clean suit!”



An all night deli is a terrible thing to waste.



Heard this one, from yet another “in-town,” in-a-lather philosopher; he said, “I love the truth.  I DEEPLY love the truth, but not all at once, thank you.”






Come on, tell the truth, how can you stay mad at a Life that has an oriental priest named, Cardinal Hymie Sin?  Okay, if that doesn’t get ‘cha, how about that a scion of the world’s largest cigarette producing families publicly presents himself as the head of a stop-smoking clinic?  If you don’t have a freshwater sense of humor, Life will “tag you,” whether you’re “it” or not, (and you may get slapped even if you do).



Whilst waiting for Wednesday, in this plastic fern bar near the college, I heard a chap say, “It’s weird, it really is, but every time I think of a truly important question I turn out to be the answer.”