Catch Your Breath

The only question to a Real Revolutionist is whether he will “do it or not.”  No question of degree, or comparison with how it has been done by others, just the simple matter of whether he will do it, or not.  (Only those not going to “do it,” even entertain questions of possibility, and the fashions and quality of actually “doing it.”)



The true job of the Revolutionist is not to stay in the City and combat, correct, or destroy the old guard, but is to sally forth and discover and chart new neural lands, both internally and otherwise.



The Revolutionist has got to forcibly insert himself, and perception, into the infinite loop.



In the City, no one actually takes anything personally; they say they do, but they “take things,” feel things, explain things, as being an integral part of the larger neighborhood, city or state.  Only the Real Revolutionist can “take things personally,” which, in his case, is the only way to there from learn.



There are those, City bred, so sly as to even devise traps to catch their breath.