Double Digits

The theme song of this one planet seemed to be, “It’s Never Too Soon To Say You’re Sorry,” until all of their brothers came for a visit, and then it became, “Hey, Who Left The Door Open?”



One fellow said, “If I could do in public, what I think in private, I would be perceived as truly outstanding.”  And his wifely voice thought, “If you think in private, what you say you can in public, you would be truly outstanding.”



You remember that particular zone I’ve mentioned before, that sometimes runs in parallel with yours, and sometimes doesn’t?  Well dig this.  Number one this week on their best seller list is a book entitled, “New Hope For The Past.”



During flurries of existential-economic excitement, this one suited person would ofttimes call out, “Double digits is what we’re talking here, double digits!”  Until one day, another voice slyly noted, “No large deal, double digits is the minimal you can talk about anyway.”  (He started to say to himself, “Think about it,” then realized he didn’t have to.)



This one little wet person just about wrapped it up for many of the creatures of his world when he noted, “Hey, I’ve forgotten more than I’ll ever know.”