No Repeats

You’ve heard the admonition, “Don’t make the same mistake twice,” and you’ve heard my caveat, “Don’t repeat yourself.”  Now, let me tell you – if you do the latter, you’ve done the former.



This is probably as opportune a time as any to clear up one matter for good, to wit, note:

There are
two kinds of humor –
funny humor, and
that which ain’t.



Over in one of our semi-parallel, in-law solar systems, I recently overheard a guy vociferously complaining about how “prejudiced” life was toward him and I also heard another voice respond, “Normally you think of someone being singled out and scorned because of their variation from the prevailing majority and norm, but you – you appear to be just as common and everyday as possible.”  And the guy says, “I know, that’s just what I’m talking about.”



His dreams of death were described by a certain hombre thusly: It was like going into a deep sleep, but when he first awoke he couldn’t tell if he was in a place of favor, or punishment.  But after a short walk around, there was no longer any doubt as to where he was when he saw St. Francis in a new pair of golden sandals and a Lakers jacket.



In sending his son off to the wars, a father gave his final advice, “Don’t worry so much about getting a communicable disease, be concerned more about becoming one.”