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A certain revolutionist biker had this to say, “One thing I truly enjoy about my-kinda-info is that you can turn it inside out, shrink it, bleach it, lend it out to a friend, never have it returned, and it’s STILL yours, useful and “just right.”



One son would always say, “Hey, it’s not as hard as it looks,” and his brother would always say, “Things are not as easy as they appear,” and their mother, who has some aspirations of “pulling herself together,” one day called them both together and set them on fire.



In the throes of some sort of fit or another, a man cried out, “If the4 gods be with us, who can be against us?”  And another voice, apparently un-throed, cried back, “Their in-laws!”  (Case closed.)



If it’s not initially
or frightening –
it’s not new.



The literate nephew of one of the old sore-heads recently remarked, “Should our reasonable concern really be over the question of whether ‘machines are becoming too smart,’ or whether men are becoming too dumb.”  (Hey, do we see a future for the lad, or what?)