Where Else?

One part-time salesman, part-time thinker, recently posed the following question: “In the overall scheme of things, specifically regarding questions of origins, and ‘first causes,’ I have one question: How does a bus driver get to work?



An ambassador lunched with me last Thursday and confided to me that in these later years in his life he had truly bloomed, and that he felt specifically fulfilled now that he possessed a ’39 Bugatti once owned by the Duke of Waverly in the afternoon.



Over in the more commercial precinct, I ran across a fellow who was on a quest to find THE Religion – just right for him,” and in his extensive travels, whenever he would meet with an adherent to a particular belief, he had but one test question he presented to them one and all; he queried them as to whether they, “Pictured their god in boxers or jacket shorts?”



During that recent, unfortunate lull, a dentist told me that the names you see on books are not actually who wrote them, and that none of the publishers, public, or writers are aware of this fact…(he also claims that no one seems harmed by this).



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“Where do you find all of those people who tell you such interesting stuff?

Dear R.T.:
Where else!