The Most Fun

What is the hallmark of the Revolutionist’s heroic journey? Simply, This was the most fun he could find.



“My lassie,” said the old man to his granddaughter, “The mind finds itself surrounded by uncertainty, but there is one thing on which you may firmly depend – those who take what they know in a personally serious manner,do not know enough to be of any help.”



One kid, (after many years of being a kid, and some of being an adolescent, and even more of being a grown kid) said, “Of all the wondrous wonders, and marvelous marvels I have seen, the pinnacle to me is in the selling of information.”  (“I chill,” he adds, “just thinking about it.”)



If the “wrong turn” is to the left, then of course, ordinary intelligence “knows” the correct one.



At the local level, what you are bound to may be too small, or it can be too large, but in either case its ill appropriate size itself cements the bonding.