One earth-birthed thinker-cum-cynic posed, then answered the following query: “What is the greatest example of the triumph of order over chaos?  Is it good over evil, light over darkness?  No, I say it is the mastery of the state over the people, for once the ‘order’ of the bureaucracy is in place-it will spawn its own generation of chaos.”



Some more of my mortal correspondence:

Dear Sir:  Some of what you say is so-o-o obvious and down to earth as to be almost routine, then at other times it sounds spooky as hell.  Signe, D.R.

Dear D.R.: Same to ya.



Over on that busy, blue planet, one economist made his semi-permanent mark by the following notation, “Just like stairs, prices go up, and prices go down, but they never go away.”



A little after ten-thirty last evening, coming from not too far away, I heard the following little sing-along: 
“Genes will make you fat,
Genes will make you thin,
Genes will make you lose,
and Genes will make you win.
Oh, Genes will bring you up,
and Genes will take you out,
They’ll do anything but,
admit what they’re about.”



When the un-provable becomes un-deniable, maps become living guides.