A Hero More Than Once

The salient feature of a faux revolutionist is his embrace of institutionalized freedom.



(Here’s a curio for your records): On a sparsely populated planet in an elusive time zone, they have a widely embraced myth whose message is that a man can be a hero more than once.



In that the only vitality of history for the Revolutionist is in his evolved, personal reenactment, you do realize that your own Viking and Columbian adventures are not in physical travels to new worlds, but are in journeys to new ways of thinking.



During a brief stopover at a place not too far from here, I was idling through a school book I found on a bench, and found the following inscription written on the inside back cover, “The dimensions of my world are the forces that shape and direct all of my possibilities; if I do not assist them now, they may never forgive me.”



The many daughters and sons gathered around the old man’s bed as he obviously approached death, and the eldest asked if he had any final words to leave them, and he said, “Yes…to be human is to be molecular.”