Moving Furniture

A younger lad inquired of the old man, “When you speak of something as being from ‘one view,’ and then apparently refer to the same thing as from ‘another view,’ is the difference in the two views that one is actually spatial and the other temporal?”  “I will answer you, but first another question, by which view will you receive my response?”



Just because some hear gunfire is no proof that a battle ranges.



A king overheard one of his grown sons say, “No matter what happens, the gods will keep us warm,” and corrected him thusly, “No, no; if you must speak of such matters be more precise, say, ‘No matter what happens, our thinking about the gods may keep some of us warm.’”



You do not change where you live by just moving furniture around.



“Look here,” said the first voice, “You like metaphorical snacks, so chew on this one – priests take holiday tours of sewers so as to be better priests.”  And the second voice though, “Okay, then where does that leave sewer workers?”