Not Normally

When in the grips of one of his secretive moods, this one chap would wink at his sister and say, “Corduroy’s the last place they’ll look.”



Every time his inner vehicle would overheat, this neat, near-beat little ole timer would sing out, “Bless-my-aunt-Tilda, I’m just a symptom of my former self.”



The latest motto I’ve run across in my travels was in that cosmic stretch over to our east-almost.  It comes from a brash band of highly charged chargers (and not several of them have it tattooed on their semi’s) and it goes, “Begin Until Finished.”



One gentleman, upon preparing to wind himself up mentally to approach a particularly perplexing question, spoke unto himself thusly, “I say, normally I wouldn’t bring this up, but…”  And his brain interrupted and said, “My name’s not Normally.”



You can either be entertained
by man, (Secondary),
by Nature, (Primary),
or by yourself – extraordinary!