Conversational Fractions

Over in that other world where the sky sometimes catches fire, there’s this guy, a would-be dominant force, who is so enamored and impressed with himself that he believes he is himself reincarnated.



More Helpful Hints Hiding Amidst Conversational Fractions:

(A):  “The trick is in how you say it.”

(B):  “No, the trick is in how you do it.”

(A):  “But, if you pull the verbal trick ‘just right,’ you don’t even have to bother with doing it.”:



During his commencement remarks, at Sorehead U., a recent speaker pronounced, “When you get right down to it, the best deal Life has to offer can be summed up in the sales slogan, ‘Get two for the price of two!’”



If you know just how to do it (and assuming you were interested in doing it), there is a place that can be found wherein listening and talking aren’t all that different.



In this one out-of-state time zone, their final fascination is in the contemplation of, “The Mysterious Whole” – that’s w-h-o-l-e.