A Future vs The Future

A certain young Viscount viscerally exclaimed, “I cannot be intellectually bribed!”  And his sidecar cerebellum thought, “So? Who’d pay to be robbed?”



The more you’re entangled with the general requirements of life, the less time you have to see to your own specific potential.



One fellow, not too far from here, in fact, used to love to sing out, “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain,” even when it wasn’t raining.  And to counteract this factual imbalance, sometimes when he’d be singing, “I’m singing in the rain…,” he wouldn’t actually be singing. (In certain ways, a more limited area, such as a three dimensional world, is easier to keep tidy.)



Whilst perusing and otherwise reading a flashy article, this guy came across the following comment, to wit:  “Certain fictional characters have almost taken on a life of their own.”  And he snorted, “Big deal, I almost have too.”



There is “a” future, and “the” future, and where the latter prevails, the former is not present.