Uncertain Attempts

From another, more expansive, physical scrutiny, the problem with apologies is that they are an uncertain attempt to redirect a particular energy flow perceived as incorrect…the key term being, “uncertain attempt.”



“But, ah,” said the knight responding to an attack on his intelligence, “You do not know of the many books in my library,” and the millwright thought, “And I have a can of gasoline yet I do not fart carbon monoxide.”



One’s sensation of cohesiveness, (if not downright dull conformity), can be encouraged by simply remembering that if it's four o’clock here, its also four o’clock somewhere else.  (P.S.:   Those in real excitable positions tend not to get this.)



The older writers and thinkers who have forever assured man that there is no “straight road” to this or that desirable location, did so because they did not know the road.



No matter how many times you think you hear me say it, or how often you think you realize it, remember this – there is no such thing as an ordinary person.