Four Food Groups

One real feisty little fellow told me that he just about had the “whole shooting match figured out,” if someone would just help him with one final detail.  He wants to know this, “If ‘bourbon and coke’ is the answer, what is the question?”



At another “thinker’s confab,” over near the wet sector, one gentleman commanded the floor to deliver the ultimate wrap-up of his philosophy, and he did so by saying, “Everyone knows the answer, they’re just afraid to tell their mother.”



A chap who resides over in a near-by 3-D universe, seems to have put his neural grip on at least one reoccurring limitation of such spatial worlds.  He sez that the Four Basic Food Groups are: fattening, more fattening, most fattening, and look-out, here-comes-Moby-Dick-in-a-leisure-suit.



Real Revolutionist activity is not “results oriented,” but IS results, without the weight of notation.



Before they fully see what’s going on, all gods believe they’re the messiah.