No Need for Metaphor

Another one of “those kinda questions,” (you know the sort, the kinds they don’t wanna use on the quiz shows, the types you don’t want bothering your own mind, you know the kind, well anyway, here’s the query):  If you don’t KNOW the difference, IS there a difference?



More in our series of , “Words To Live By If You’re Only Having A Few”:  If you’re bored, you’re a neighbor of death; if you’re boring, you’re in his employ.



When the myths need second mortgages, those in rental properties had better brace themselves.



The Real Revolutionists are those very, very few who have ever actually lived through the repeal of a tax law.



In a future where things are more complex and compact, more manifold and expansive, there will be no such word, or need for,  metaphor.