Speak Well of Nouns

On this one little planet, where numbers seem to count for as much as does boredom, their number one best seller for the year was a book wherein twenty-seven celebrities each listed their eleventh most favorite restaurant, and then gave their eighteenth most liked chemical formula.



One fleeting father told his quirkily quick son, “Speak as well of nouns as you would the dead.” And the genetic spurt replied, “And I’ll just bet I’m not supposed to ask why.”



In my following physical exposition of an emotional dynamic, keep in mind that the psychological term I use refers not to some aberrant behavior, but to the general condition of mankind…got that?  Okay, here tis:  Loneliness is the cause of schizophrenia.



The “true enemy”
of the Revolutionist
is always
his close kin.



Not too long ago, one of the newer gods, standing amidst his cohorts, suddenly shouted out, “Have any of you figured out yet what the hell to do?”