If At First You Don't Succeed

The show that bombed on Broadway may yet play in Peoria, and technology abandoned in New York may be revived in New Guinea.  Failures on 5-D levels may yet be tried again here.



One excited – and I mean excited – little customs inspector cornered me, waving a magazine and demanding, “It says here that ‘all of life’s truly memorable events are unexplainable, and irreducible,’ so what I want to know is where does this leave the rest of us?”



Within a grain of sand lies the memory of cement, and within cement resides the memory of Notre Dame…and the same is true with everything else.



Using as his examples, religion, science, and human relationships, this one flamboyant chap declared: “The single most useless act pursued by men is in believing that ‘being especially nice to the landlord’ will make the slightest bit of difference.”



Since, at the time of this writing, he had no progeny along to whom to pass his sage advice, this one gentleman merely noted to himself, “If you’re inspired by some other human you’re not, old dear, very inspired.”