At a philosopher’s convention over on that humid planet, one of the featured speakers had the following to present:  He said that after a full life time of thought, study, research and discussion, he was now “all but certain,” about one single thing…he did add that the only problem was that he wasn’t sure what it was.



This one file clerk who had long been seated at the bar, drinkin’ and thinkin’, then doing it some more, finally delivered his magnum opus by announcing, “The nature of civilization is in a collection of diverse entities banding together in such a way as any aggression remaining is directed outward.”  And another mind, a few seats down mused, “Is that not also true for the individual?”



There is fame-worth-having, and fame not-worth-having, and they’re both the same.



While considering some of the less than kind things said about him, one god said, “Well, sure, I may be a myth, but myths have feelings too.”



The first guy, yeah, that one right over there, well, he ups and sez, “The history of civilization is no more than the ever increasing inclination of man to come indoors.”  And that other fellow, just over there next to him, counterpointed, “Hey, that’s also the history of mans’ gods.”