A Cogent 3D Wrap-Up

The more complex messages and fitful codes from the future are not necessarily dependent on anything that’s happened.  (Thus, in part, the itchy limits of simplistic data.)



On a time not too near where we now stand, a father said to his son, “Son,” and the lad interrupted him by saying, “I wish you wouldn’t call me that.”  And the father asked, “Why?”  And the boy said, “You know why.”  And the elder responded, “Yes, but unless I pretend I don’t I will no long BE your father.”



A timekeeper I spoke with at another one of those pandemic philosophers’ conventions, told me that he was “sick and bloody tired” of hearing and reading about how all of the “best things cannot be spoken of because they transcend mere words.”  He says that his latest thinking on the matter is that, “the best things can’t be talked about simply because people don’t wanna talk about ‘em.”



A clipped, but cogent wrap-up of 3-D myths, religions, and psychology can be stated thusly:  As soon as you say, “I am,” you’re not.  (No need to thank me now, just send cash later.)



The son of a certain neutrally based, cosmic Revolutionist one day sat down next to his father and confided, quite forcefully, the following, “After years of pondering your wondrous words, and studying those oral and recorded materials apparently related thereto, I sometimes truly feel that all of these ideas of a new knowledge, and of transcendental experiences, are simply ‘tales’ that such men as you weave for the mere pleasure of it.”  And the old man replied, “So?”