Everyone Needs an Artificial Horizon

Question: Why do men remain entangled in questions regarding the “nature of reality?”
Answer: Because, dear minstrel, there is contrariness between “reality” and the “nature of reality.”
(At this point the audience cheers, and the winning contestant is shown the door.)



When it comes to the navigational operations of the brain, everyone needs an artificial horizon.



For those interested in such matters, (and if you are, you’re normally driven to ponder them in all the wrong places), take note – loneliness is caused by talk.



Over in one of the man’s near-by, in-law galaxies, a place where space seems to drift, one father had to continually console his children thusly, “I assure you, my putting of chocolate on your pills will in no way spoil the taste of medicine.”



Think on this for a moment:

What is one thing you can do that makes you always, and unconditionally happy? Now reflect on this: How often do you do this one thing?  Now let’s all join hands with yourself, and sing a rousing chorus of, “What Kind Of Fool Am I?”