The First Step

The first step toward assassination of the king is to give him a name. (The Prince of Norseland cannot be killed if he’s just another Bill.)



In-the-future, if you gotta tell someone you’re “serious,” you’re not.



Everyone’s born in Phoenix, so’s they can dream of Hartford.



You might hold this approach in reserve: If something seems too metaphorically complex, just assume it wasn’t a metaphor to begin with.



The first one started it thusly: “I say that men speak of things as a preface to understanding them.” 

And the second one joined in: “I say that men verbalize things as a prologue to transcending them.” 

And the third added his part, to wit: “I say that men talk about things out of sheer and naked desperation.” 

(And the offstage voice boomed: “Would you all please leave in an orderly fashion; that about wraps it up for tonight.)