The Silly Gods

the silly gods.



One day the Leading Voice told the Trailing one, “You may find – if not the inside track - at least a dry, level one, if you finally discover that no one else is ever going to think that you’re as exceptionally bright as you know you to be…and this be so no matter who, when or where.”



In a bounding fit of hurried optimism, the creatures of that one young planet to our east have just ratified an amendment outlawing fate.



“Dear Papa, just what is the difference between those men who never give any particular thought to their existence and those who seem consumed by such?”  And the old man replied, “Well, for one thing, the former never ask such questions as this and beyond that…well, I’ll have to get back with you on it.”



Grey Matter Graffiti To Remember (if you want to):

If a revolutionist hears an idea he doesn’t like, he should have someone at camp, qualified with a sharp knife, check his hearing.