Future Talk

All would-be prognosticators might note this: The future does give some warning of its approach, in that it is always gabbing.



From the head of the Fantasmological Food and Drug Administration comes this bulletin:

“Many ideas, once verbalized, begin a process of immediate decay.”  “Hey Pop, did he say ‘many’?”  “Yeah kid, ‘many’ like in most… ‘many’ like in all… ‘many’ like in don’t-talk-about-it.”



According to that downtown bookstore over on that supplemental world, this season’s best seller is a little number entitled “The Making Of A Saint:  How To Deplete Your Testosterone Level.”



All profit-and-loss transactions are basically humorous, and if you find one that’s not, you may rest assured it would cost you dearly.



One history waved its arm in dismissal and scoffed, “Myths – Hah!  Just let me at ‘em.”