All Misery Contains Some Pleasure

Insofar as certain psychic travel is concerned, one human noted, “Seeing the depraved, the mad, and the criminal, is only seeing a worse me.”



All misery contains some pleasure…(and if it does not, all misery has some pleasure in the recounting thereof.)



Overheard from a sweaty crowd mulling about on that rapidly warming planet just to our south, a harried voice announced, “The time and tides of chance may soothe and buffet us all, and fate may blindly deal us favorable hands today, or not, and though all of this be so and unavoidable, I’ll still, Sir, be quite-well-damned if I’ll be pushed around by the likes of me.”



There still exists a blinding, though potentially liberating, difference between what the physical demands of human life make important, and what life makes man’s brain say is important.



Folly at home and caprice abroad remain sufficiently distant as to keep travel agents and human imagination in business.