Point of Entry

Most thoughts, opinions, and beliefs should be amortized as quickly as is reasonable and convenient.



One fidgety father, in his paternal attempts to teach his scion some mental machination, instructed him like this, “Whenever you say ‘shit,' think ‘crap.’”  The lad pondered this for a while then asked, “I think I see the point, but couldn’t you just as easily have given me that in a reversed form?’  And the non-lad pondered this for a sec and said, “Well yeah, but then what would I have had to tell you tomorrow.”



One little chap finally admitted (leastwise to himself) that his most exciting dream was to be “locked up for many hours in a small room with the greatest man he’d ever met,” and himself said, “Well, what’re you waiting for?”



One recent speaker over in that freewheeling park demanded to know, “Where is the magnanimity of justice, the equal distribution of experience, in that no literary teetotaler seems ever to have a tavern discovered as a redoubt of human wit and fellowship?”



Whilst searching for an easy way out, several people discovered a felicitous point of entry.