Heels and Toes

Local realities, the study of man-the-individual, non-inclusive-truth, anger by comparison…whatever ELSE it may be, new intelligence is certainly one of these.



As the multitude chanted, “Confession is good for the soul, confession is good for the soul,” one sole mused, “That’s easy for heels and toes to say.”



One next-to-the-business god, after hearing how all of the established ones required that after death their followers had to explain and justify their lives to gain entry to paradise, went to look these operations over, and when he returned he set up a table at the main gate where his recently deceased believers were assembling, and made the announcement, “One by one, all of you may come up to the table, introduce yourself, and tell a little something about your mortal experiences, and I’ll tell you all right now – everybody that doesn’t whine at me is a sure shot to get in.”



Whenever others would fall into comfortable clichés of equivalent comparisons, this one gentleman would oftimes nod right along, and inject, “Yes, yes, yes indeed…no doubt about it; six-of-one, seven of another.”



Symptoms aren’t a sign of anything…in particular.