Balloon Logic

As a balloon is being blow up, different areas on the surface begin to live in differing time zones, and to calculate their ages from diverse calendars; but from an outsider’s view, their creation, existence, and decay is universally coeval.



A certain precocious child decided to do his Primary School Exit Thesis on the question:

“What IS The Difference Between A Curse and A Supplication?”  And the neighborhood myth privately expressed “great displeasure with the little fucker.”



Some limbic graffiti:

“Yeah I know, they all look like ‘sure things,’ but I’d be careful about betting away my very last suffering on it.”



The difference between a myth and a demi-myth is not unlike the slight variance ‘twixt “perception” and “deception.”



This one lesser know god is approached by a band of mortals who just discovered him and who want to make him their own personal deity; well, he is no doubt flattered and all that, but questions them quite specifically regarding how they intend to worship him, what sacrifices they will make, what will be the required value of their offerings to him, what structures will be erected in his honor, and by what public displays will they prove their submission?  (You know, just all the usual things like that.)  Well, it turns out that they have absolutely no such plans or intentions, and not one decent response to any of his questions; so he thinks about all of this for a moment, then exclaims, “Well, al-l-l-right!”