The Statistics

The first voice says, “The statistics – they’ve got the statistics – we’re done for, they’ve got the statistics, and we’ve got nothing.”  His partner says, “Yeah, but never mind the statistics, we both know that what they’re claiming is not so,” and the first voice then replies, “Yeah, but don’t you understand – they’ve got the statistics.”



One armchair (or maybe he was an end table) psychologist said quite loudly that he believed the only reason Beethoven went deaf was that he simply reached a place of having no more music to compose, and a couple of dead guys nearby, hearing this, went into a severe funk.



Just in case you or your brother have ever wondered, NO, there is no place in this universe where we’re not “all in this together…”  (Now, relax.)



There was this one human whose most fun in life was explaining things to others, but he spoiled it all when one day he accidentally listened to what he said.  Ouch!



Although epilogues and introductions may create stormy marriages, indeed, the bodies of their prodgenies may calmly proceed…  (Without the comfortable extremes of a heaven and a hell, Dante and Beatrice could have never given birth to one another; without the support of a capital letter at one end and a final punctuation mark at the other, no sentences could stand.)