A Brief Madness

One small group with a quite wide view has as their in-house graffiti, this phrase:  “Being ordinary is but a brief madness.”



The mythic god (or at least the archetype) of the human tongue one evening confided to me thusly, “’Tis when I attempt to be inclusive and conclusive that I become mangled and unintelligible.”  He paused, took another drink, and added, “This is strange even for a hero.”



When it comes to this-kinda-stuff, there are no serious alternatives.



A silly
is a safe



One other little person told me that, despite his numerous attempts to “encourage reason,” reason has never returned the favor.



A sheepish thought, standing before the newly discovered carnivorous den, although lacking any details regarding this unusual mental lair was sure of one thing – there are many more tracks leading in than were coming out.