Use It or Accuse It

Oh, okay, I’ll grant you this much, on a comparative coda I guess the locating of irony  is somewhere above the discovery of spit.



A certain would-be intellectual celebrity I recently met in one of your larger cities, told me that one of his operational mottos was to, “never quote anyone you can’t whip.”



If you don’t
use it,
you got to
accuse it.




Since his son was temporarily away, this one father was left to offer himself some advice, and so he said, “Look here, you can believe this:  if someone tries to convince you of something – anything, they either do not fully understand the subject on which they speak, or else they do not understand how life is arranged in man.”  (He seemed rather pleased with this self-directed interlude, although he did express some displeasure over his wordiness.)



In the grip of some sort of passing fit-or-the-other, one fellow thought, “Any god that I could perceive of is hardly worth thinking about.”