Stuff It!

One of the speakers wrapped himself up via the following declamation: “Intelligence without humility is like a banquet without a telegram.”



Having no father of his own, this one kid gave himself some advice, “If you lose your place, you can go faster.”



As one Neural Subversive once told his charges, “If you really think this is tough, just remember that working solely for Life is the ultimate ball-buster.”



While waking, (that’s a misspelling, it should be, waiting), for the concert to begin, I borrowed a program and found that the composer had entitled his new symphony, “As I Look Back Over My Life, I Regret One Of Two Things: Either That I Had A Life, or That I Looked Back.  (Oops, gotta run the overture just overtook me.)



On this one planet, up near the humid zone, they have two major religious groups, one which says that, “The first death is the hardest.”  And another group says it is not.  (You might also be interested to know that, on their moon, two distinct systems likewise predominate, the one that says the first death is the hardest, and the other that says, “Stuff it!”)