As one mother advised her daughter, “Hey, if champagne didn’t have bubbles, it’d be as clumsy as everyone else.”



Snippet of overheard conversation:  “We don’t wanna be accused, of shooting philosophers in a barrel.”



The father took up his serious sitting position and said, “Son, describing a thing just so you’ll know what it is, is like drawing a picture of a horse so’s you can take a ride,…over to a place where they’re having a sale on corduroy.”  And the kid thought, “Is it possible that my very old man posed for the original pictorial definition of ‘going too far’?”



After concluding one of his more memorable bombasts in the speaker’s area of the City park, this one sweaty chap stepped down from his high box and soap hose, and leering right past me and several of the fine citizens exclaimed, “If you think I’m crazy now, you should have seen me tomorrow.”



Complex time is the supreme transportation system, in that it moves in all possible directions at once.