See It or Don't

Over on a certain planet the cry of one young group was, “If we can’t change the world, at least we can change ourselves, and if we can’t change ourselves, at least we can change the world.”  (I must look back in on them one day.)



Inscription on a public building of an obscure civilization as yet to be rediscovered, it reads:  “Would there be the need for us to, ‘Pull Ourselves Together,’ were we not constructed to fly apart?”  (Perhaps, “rediscover” is too kind a word…perhaps.)



Believe It Or Not, See It Or Don’t, it’s still staring at you from right over the hill – all of life is a matter of conflicting common interests.



An author with a typewriter in his bathroom may be considered a serious threat.



“Whoa, don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what?”

“I thought you were going to say that everything’s a fait accompli.”

“Whoa, then I won’t say that.”

“Whoa – Phew!”