Don't Look Off

Don’t look off while loading.



On this one planet, they have an alternate genesis myth that says everything was created simultaneously, and after that, each part merely discovers, rediscovers, and expands its discovery of every other part.



We’re all being held responsible…and this within the framework, and outside the framework, of man not actually being so.



Over in the park this one rather lengthy chap ignored the soap boxes, and benches, and climbed directly into a fashionable elm and cried out, “So long as the word ‘ambiguous’ is open to interpretation, we’re all in-for-it!”



Whilst out surveying history and other wild creatures with his charge, a father said, “Son, ponder and remember this: If the Siege Of Troy had not actually occurred, men would have had to invent it.”  (Reply), “But Pa Pa, ‘tis fairly well accepted now that it ‘twas mere fantasy.”  (Confident sire says), “See!”