Graffitti Advice

During the fourteenth year of study towards his Expert’s License in Political History, this one dusty chap ran across the following Medieval comment, “An injustice done to the individual may be of necessary service to the public.”  And for some reason, the next day, he abandoned his graduate work, mumbling something about, “Enough is enough, and knowing enough is quite enough, thank you.”  (P.S.:  There is an unsubstantiated rumor regarding him repeating his idea around the Psychology Department which, coincidentally, just disbanded.)



The king, in a moment of “glorious regal enlightenment,” (okay, so he paid me to throw that in), announced, “Good people, my Prime Minister has brought it to my kind of attention that the onliest – I mean, only reason we have Prohibitions is that some of you ‘can’t stop,’ and so as to curtail the continual enactment of new prohibitory laws, I, your kind and glorious king, have directed that all who cannot stop are forthwith prohibited…so there.”



The preliminary distractions and diversions being completed, the featured speaker took to the platform, and after an immediate, and reverent hush fell upon the assembled, he removed a scrap from his pocket, and said, “My comment tonight will consist of but one sentence, which will succinctly, and in a manner most bold, completely wrap up the entirety of my life’s study and experience.”  He cleared his throat and week-end calendar, glanced at the note, and declaimed, “Ignorance has no climax.”  He looked closer at the scrap of paper and added, “I’m sorry, my secretary wrote this out for me, and the first word is not ‘ignorance,’ but I can’t make out what it actually is – so sorry.”



In a rage of anger and frustration, this one guy faced off toward that part of his universe where it was rumored their gods lived, shook his fists, and screamed out to the deities, “We made you, and we can break you!”  And then in the flush of a passing fit of serenity he thought, “Mama mia, what if that’s true.”



“Graffitti Advice” inscribed on the bathroom wall of one little tyke: “If you do not believe revenge to be a pathetic endeavor, just ask yourself this – ‘Who loves it more than your enemies?’”