Some Hot Questions Have Cool Answers

One little musically mangled man liked to refer to his own thinking skills as, “my intellectual divertimento.”



First Verse to A Song With An Uncertain Chorus:

“If you can think fast enough you don’t have to think all that much.”

Second Verse:

“If you can think enough your speed is of no importance.”

Third Verse:

“The first two verses are fatally flawed.”




I am acquainted with this one man who says that one of the great joys of his life is in “reading to his son.” Curious aspects to this:  First, I can assure you that what he said is the absolute truth, and the other two things are that he is illiterate and childless.



The first voice said, “Sometimes when I get alone and think of me I almost cry.”  And his sibling voice asked, “Out of loneliness…sadness?”  “No – disbelief.”



Sometimes hot questions have cool answers…and yeah, sometimes hot questions aren’t all that hot.