Me and Not-Me

One kid thought, “I have the sensation of 'me,' and I suppose I’m supposed to have a sensation of ‘not–me’…(but they would still both meet in the sensation of me…”)



Of the gangsterial neural families, two are preeminently visible: The one that seeks the least ill, and the one that strives for the most good…Thus, are all the rackets run.



Over on a certain foggy planet, this one chap would faithfully end his daily radio show by saying, “Be sure and tune in again tomorrow,” which was a waste of his time, since no one there had a radio…but then again it turns out to be less of a waste once it was discovered that the planet had no tomorrow anyway.  (Personally Added Editor’s Note:  There IS a kind of fairness, parity and justice loose in the universe, it’s just that most folks aren’t attracted enough by it to stop and say, “Howdy.”)



A fellow over in Over World decided that on some days he would speak to express emotion, and on alternate days to convey information; he commenced his new efforts on schedule, and pursued them with vigor and fidelity…no one, however, however, noticed.



One chap exclaimed, “I never feel more alive than when I’m ill,” and a passing visitor mused, “Think how excited he’ll be when he dies.”