To talk about something – anything, you must first pretend it’s important enough to BE talked about.



One afternoon while alone, one chap thought, “I’ve held myself captive for so long that the whole concept of freedom is now no more than a minor yeast infection.”



To grow, all systems must be based on seeds of self destruction.



Whilst on a hiking trip in that new little flashy bar in the Busy Zone, a fellow told me that he had already settled on his “guiding truth for the new decade,” and being the neon fool that I am, I nodded my preparation to hear same put into audible form, which he forthwith did, by saying:  “If the stars are the brain cells of the universe, then transistors are unnecessary.”



I know of this one neural race track where they all run around real fast clockwise for a few laps, then turn around real quick and race around the corner counter clockwise…and just when you think it couldn’t get more exciting, time puts on a helmet and HE climbs behind the wheel.